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Deploying BlackBerry OTA App (.jad, .cod files) or Android(.apk) on IIS


Hope some other people will find this post helpful. We had an issue today at work with providing BlackBerry application over the web site that was hosted on IIS 7.5. Although Screen shots that You 'll find below were made for this specific server procedure might look pretty much the same when it comes to older versions of IIS. By default (for IIS) .jad and .cod files are not delivered over IIS. The problem and it's solution lies within MIME types registered on the server. To fix that someone has to add MIME types with valid extension and type:
  1. Go to Internet Information Services Manager  (I usually do that by right clicking on Computer, choosing Manage and expanding Roles/WebServer/IIS, or simply search for IIS in Start -> Search for Programs box
  2. Click on Your server name, Switch to Features View if You are in Content View
  3. You will find MIME Types icon. Double click it.
  4. On the Action Pane - usually on the right side, select Add..
  5. Fill window with provided information (This registers .jad extension).
  6. Do the same for .cod files - You may have to delete or edit existing .cod settings as I found those already existing with some image type.
  7. Restart IIS. (iisreset in command prompt)
  You can follow above steps to set up Android Package File (APK). To do that add MIME type like one below:   Hope this will help someone.

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