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Something is just wrong with this CAPTCHA!


Everyone knows what CAPTCHA is. This few weird letters/word that you write down to prove that you are a human. There are ton's of them all around. Here and there. Often people (or developers) overuse them on web sites, which can be really annoying. I was trying to register on one of the web sites today. After filling 16 (literally: sixteen) required fields on some really strange wizard I finally come up to form submission. This is what i saw: weird catcha Yeah, pretty straightforward. I thought. After filling input with PHN i saw JavaScript alert: 'Invalid captcha!. Please try again'. I tried. And again the same. I was just about to abandon whole the process, but it all looked so strange i decided to  check what is going on in firebug. And then i figured out that actually valid input would be: 'green'. WHAT? Then I have read carefully what was written below the image: 'If You are happy please type the color of the second character'. Argh! Wasn't that obvious? WEB DEVELOPERS! PLEASE, DON'T MAKE OUR LIFE DIFFICULT! DON'T LET US THINK! What a stupid idea to make so common thing other way around! Or maybe it is okay, and this was my fault/foolishness not to read what was written? What You think? Do You know any other weird CAPTCHA?

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