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Silverlight, Flash and HTML5 on job market


There have been a lot of buzz after unfortunate interview where by Bob Muglia admitted that: our (Microsoft) strategy with Silverlight has shifted. That somehow disappointed me, as I was planning to take a closer look at Silverlight. Well, according to guys from Redmond, future belongs to HTML5 - whatever that means. I have decided to check how does the market look like in industry of so called RIA - Rich Internet Applications. The most proper check is to compare demands for appropriate skills. I have used to perform my research. job-market-absolute No surprise so far. Knowledge of Flash is the most demanded nowadays. Although it is clearly visible that it is not growing as fast as it used to. Please, note that measures were taken using absolute  scale. Much more interesting thing happen when we tke a look at this graph in relative scale. And that is something that makes You think. Comparing to Silverlight and Flash, demand for HTML5 skills has recently exploded. I know that it far too soon to talk about HTML5. I know that it will not substitute Flash nowadays, and will definably not replace Silverlight for  companies that run 'back office' tools on it. I know ... But still, one picture is worth a thousand words

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Debugging silverlight in Firefox and Chrome


Well, it seams that war between Firefox and Chrome in my life is not over yet, despite brave decision I have made.... I was forced to write small widget in Silverlight, and to be honest I was having hard time debugging it in visual studio - somehow, I couldn't hit any breakpoints. Well shit happens. After an hours spend on that i've decided to change browser to IE thinking - Microsoft products goes well with Microsoft products. I wasn't sure about that but surprisingly, it worked. After some time of googling I managed to find a solution for firefox: 1. In Firefox address bar type "about:config" and accept warning 2. Change value of the entry "dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npctrl.dll" to "true" 3. Restart Firefox It worked just great. I still haven't managed to find a proper solution for Chrome browser. I guess until I am ready with this widget Firefox has to be my temporary browser... eh ... Anyone with Chrome fix/workaround?

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