My First Words

Well, everyone has to start someday. So Dear Reader, this is my first post. Slightly more about me You will find on about-me page. I will just copy-paste part:

This blog is called ITmeze. This name is somehow meaningful. Although I am a Polish citizen, I currently live on small island called Cyprus - placed on Mediterranean Sea - somewhere between Greece, Israel, Turkey and Egypt. And You now what is the best about Cyprus? It’s meze. This is a way of eating. If You go to restaurant and order meze You will be server with 10-20 small pieces of local meat, fishes or sea food. So that you can just seat and relax and enjoy piece of this or that. And I would like this blog to be a sort of meze - You will read here a little bit of web development, struggles I face running my internet startups, things from IT world that I find worth writing about.

So just sit where You are, Dear Reader and enjoy!

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