Making internet start-up... Part 1: What to make?

Recently I have more free time so I decided that It is a good time to start small internet start-up. Why small? First of all It is just me that is going to work on it. For now :) Until it will get super successful… Secondly I really like simple and small solutions. I tried to make something advanced, not trivial few times during recent years always ending up somewhere at the begging, giving up, realizing that project I was working on is not for single person, and I do not want to spend next few years working on sth that may never success. From that moment I know that as long as It is just me working on sth I need to come up with simple, 2-3 months projects. Ok, so far I know that I would like to make sth simple, sth that won’t take me few months… But what to do? It may sound trivial but I really belive that whatever You do It can succeed only If You are really passionate about it. It is just like with the job - You can be really good at something only if You really care about it (okay, there are exceptions). I never mention that but I am a big fan of traveling - I dream that some day I can somehow join programming with exploring new places and cultures. I am always frustrated when I think that there are at most 2 weeks each year (holidays!) one can spend on traveling. I would like my start-up to be connected with my other (beside programming) passions. I was thinking about project that can help people that are planning their trips - no matter if it is an Amazonian expedition or family holidays. I would like foreigners, or people that “just landed” in new country, territory to find useful information via this web site. I was in the same situation some time ago when I first came in Cyprus in order to find job. I was fighting with plenty of obstacles at the begging. I really consider knowledge that I gained during that time as invaluable, and It is kind of an experience that cannot be gained from any guide or government papers. I am not planning to make sth super popular. Probably I would start with some sort of forum that can serve local community - here in Cyprus. I would count on selectivity of information. I am going to count on people’s experience and their will to share it. I will take inspiration from web sites like: tripadvisor, travbuddy and merge it with portals that work like “Question and Answers”: wikianswers, Yahoo! Answers, stackoverflow. I am open to any suggestions and ideas concerning my project so feel free to send it on email at mike at, or simply leave comment. Thanks in advance

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