Joining "IE 6 no more" campaign

It is not the first campaign when someone is trying to kick out IE6 from our life. I guess it all started with some Scandinavian portals encouraging bloggers to put “IE6 warning” on their web sites. I was rather sceptical about whole idea. Especially at the very beginning. Most of IE6 users are either forced to use “mature” solutions (i am talking about large corporations) or does not understand meaning of words like standards or security (so called “mature” users). Like my mom or dad! Until today they double-click “IE” icon saying “i am turning internet on”. Brilliant … So, what is the point of joining such a campaign? IE6 will die anyway. According to recent browser statistics IE6 drops by 0.5-0.6% every month. Having 14.5% nowadays it will take roughly 2 years for it to drop below 2-3% (I assume it will take far more to completely get rid of it). Such a level, I guess can be neglected.

Let us ask each other: Are we going to change much? Well, I believe that questions is inappropriate. It is a little bit like with democracy and elections. We know that our vote is just a tiny fraction of all votes. But still we believe in it, we go and vote (or at least most of us). We know that each decision consist of such small steps. If You believe that IE6 should be abandoned you should treat it as your obligation. Obligation to vote, to demonstrate your objection. Every day i lose my precious time to fix problems with IE6. Fixing css, javascript… Time that I could have spend with my family or simply relaxing. I just cannot afford not to join this campaign! Even if it is going to save extra couple of days of work during next couple of years I would say that it was worth it. Just imagine people like me and you… How much time could have been saved… spent doing something meaningful… adding new features instead of fixing browser compatibility issues… From now on every visitor that uses IE6 browser will notice panel at the top of this blog encouraging to install some of the alternatives to old IE6, like IE8, Firefox or Chrome. P.S. I can bet we will see “IE7 no more campaign” during next 2 years :)

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