Google Chrome Has Finally Become My First Browser

Chrome… It has taken some time. I have tried to follow all the changes made since the first version. I have decided to give it a try from time to time. Each time new major version was released I promised my self to spend at least few days with Chrome as my default browser. Till version 3.0 or 4.0 Chrome was far far behind Firefox - lack of extensions made web browsing a little bit annoying. After that, when I was finally able to use gmail/wether/translate extensions i was using it more and more often. But still,each time I had to made some web development I was going back to firefox with it’s unbeatable (till recent) add-on: firebug. Since latest stable Chrome (6.0) i use it even for web development. I have found firebug making my ajax request unstable, and all the embedded developer tools work like charm. There are still few (but just a few) things that i miss from firebug but in overall i am perfectly happy with all Chrome offers and how it saves CPU and memory (comparing to Firefox).

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