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Deploying Clojure/Java based web app (via Jetty) on Windows and IIS. Step by step guide.

Few words to start with… I got into clojure programming language some time ago. It took me some time to get into lisp, functional programming and repl-based developement as that was completely opposite to what i have been doing with c# over last couple of years. I find time i have spend with clojure to be very rewarding. More on this some other time. I have recently completed small clojure based app and i needed to host it somewhere.

Redirect to new domain after rebranding with IIS Url Rewrite Module

Client has a bunch of domains and and websites. Because They have decided to change company’s name recently I was asked to proceed with chanage of domain names as well. After few weeks of constantly informing visitors about planned changed We decided that it is a good time to abandon old domains and redirect visitors to new ones. In order to “be okay” with google (their page ranks, indexed pages and so on) we make those redirects permanent (301 Moved Permanently as a response status code).

Deploying BlackBerry OTA App (.jad, .cod files) or Android(.apk) on IIS

Hope some other people will find this post helpful. We had an issue today at work with providing BlackBerry application over the web site that was hosted on IIS 7.5. Although Screen shots that You ‘ll find below were made for this specific server procedure might look pretty much the same when it comes to older versions of IIS. By default (for IIS) .jad and .cod files are not delivered over IIS.