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Noscript Information With a Link to Google Search

Some web apps just do not work without JavaScript. Just doesn’t. Stop. We are usually asked to provide users with nice looking information that this site is best viewable with JavaScript turned on. Plus there is a need to explain them how to turn JS in their browsers. Smart and yet incredibly simple would be to direct them to google search result for a phrase like ‘How do I enable JavaScript in my browser?

jQuery style Ui dialog over flash banners

I was doing some extra job for one of the clients, some changes on the web site full of blinking flash banners. Idea was to get users’ attention even more by displaying some floating windows… lovely … Obvious choice would be jQuery modal dialog… So I made it … Unfortunately it has shown up that some of the flash banners remain ‘over’ the dialog, and some of them don’t. After digging into that I figured out that the reason behind that is one of flash parameters: “wmode” (thanks God this is not another inner flash issue).

Checkbox has to be 'checked' - with unobtrusive jQuery validation and ASP.NET MVC 3

Is it a pretty common scenario to have a checkbox on a form, that is required to be checked during POST-ing of a form. This usually happens when we have a typical ‘Agree to Terms and Conditions’ element. When I started to play with unobtrusive JavaScript validation in new ASP.NET MVC i was pretty sure that decorating boolean property with [Required] attribute will solve that issue. Surprisingly it doesn’t. The key to this problem lies in interpretation of jQuery validation ‘required’ rule.

Silverlight Flash and Html5 on Job Market

There have been a lot of buzz after unfortunate interview where by Bob Muglia admitted that: our (Microsoft) strategy with Silverlight has shifted. That somehow disappointed me, as I was planning to take a closer look at Silverlight. Well, according to guys from Redmond, future belongs to HTML5 - whatever that means. I have decided to check how does the market look like in industry of so called RIA - Rich Internet Applications.

Browser and self closed script tag...

I keep on doing that thing for every new project. i simply make script tag self closing, like on the example below: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.2/jquery.min.js" /> Browsers may behave in really strange way - just for Your curiosity - try to run it common browsers. It looks like Chrome is less immune to this than IE and Firefox. And it comes with explanation: XML self-closing tag syntax used on .

Google Chrome Has Finally Become My First Browser

Chrome… It has taken some time. I have tried to follow all the changes made since the first version. I have decided to give it a try from time to time. Each time new major version was released I promised my self to spend at least few days with Chrome as my default browser. Till version 3.0 or 4.0 Chrome was far far behind Firefox - lack of extensions made web browsing a little bit annoying.

Something Is Just Wrong With This Captcha

Everyone knows what CAPTCHA is. This few weird letters/word that you write down to prove that you are a human. There are ton’s of them all around. Here and there. Often people (or developers) overuse them on web sites, which can be really annoying. I was trying to register on one of the web sites today. After filling 16 (literally: sixteen) required fields on some really strange wizard I finally come up to form submission.

Short History of Facebook

f You haven’t seen or did not follow how world most popular social network changed over lat couple of years just take a break and spend next 4 minutes watching movie below. And wow, just look at those numbers! RESPECT to Mark Zuckerberg! After that I feel like an ant in today’s world. I also recommend visiting web site: CheckFacebook. Where you can get some up to date stats about popularity and growth of Facebook user’s all over the world.

Making internet start-up… Advices from Kevin Rose... and me

Have You ever heard about Kevin Rose? No? He is known for his internet start-ups, like: Revision3 - internet television network, micro-blogging platform Pownce, and probably most known - social bookmarking Digg. Some of you might recognize wefollow.com project, especially If You are heavy twitter users. I have just watched his excellent presentation at FOWA (The Future of Web Apps London) - found on the Carsonified’s Blog. He shares some ideas how to “take your site from one to one million users”.

Making internet start-up… Part 2: Choosing tools

It has been a while since my last entry in this series. In previous one i made decision: what i would like to make and why. To sum up, I want to make something simple, something about travelling, for travellers, something that may follow idea of websites like: Yahoo Answers or StackOverflow. The next step is to choose appropriate tools, that will help me to build start-up. 1. Choosing technology Choosing the right technology for web development is crucial.

Joining "IE 6 no more" campaign

It is not the first campaign when someone is trying to kick out IE6 from our life. I guess it all started with some Scandinavian portals encouraging bloggers to put “IE6 warning” on their web sites. I was rather sceptical about whole idea. Especially at the very beginning. Most of IE6 users are either forced to use “mature” solutions (i am talking about large corporations) or does not understand meaning of words like standards or security (so called “mature” users).

$.postJSON - how to avoid JSON attack

I’ve recently read great article by Phil Haack, JSON Hijacking. It points to some JSON vulnerabilities, basically: how sensitive data can be captured by bad people during “GET JSON” request. During my web development I always start with adding some javascript helper methods. One of them, based on jQuery, is making HTTP POST instead of GET. This should be sufficient to avoid majority of JSON attacks. So instead of $.getJSON( … ), use:

Making internet start-up... Part 1: What to make?

Recently I have more free time so I decided that It is a good time to start small internet start-up. Why small? First of all It is just me that is going to work on it. For now :) Until it will get super successful… Secondly I really like simple and small solutions. I tried to make something advanced, not trivial few times during recent years always ending up somewhere at the begging, giving up, realizing that project I was working on is not for single person, and I do not want to spend next few years working on sth that may never success.