Browser and self closed script tag...

I keep on doing that thing for every new project. i simply make script tag self closing, like on the example below: <script type="text/javascript" src="" /> Browsers may behave in really strange way - just for Your curiosity - try to run it common browsers. It looks like Chrome is less immune to this than IE and Firefox. And it comes with explanation: XML self-closing tag syntax used on .

Google Chrome Has Finally Become My First Browser

Chrome… It has taken some time. I have tried to follow all the changes made since the first version. I have decided to give it a try from time to time. Each time new major version was released I promised my self to spend at least few days with Chrome as my default browser. Till version 3.0 or 4.0 Chrome was far far behind Firefox - lack of extensions made web browsing a little bit annoying.

Client Side Validation After Ajax Partial View Result in Asp Net Mvc 3

Now, as ASP.NET MVC 3 beta was finally released I have decided to give it a try. The most exciting thing that I have noticed is implementation of an idea of so called Unobtrusive JavaScript. This is for both Ajax helpers and Client Validation. And I have to admit that I just love it. I wll just copy and paste text from scottgu blog: Unobtrusive JavaScript and HTML 5: The AJAX and Validation helpers in ASP.

Getting ugly with BeginActionLink helper!

Have You ever had such a moment when the most stupid and trivial solution turns out to be the ONLY ONE that is logically suitable at the moment? When I had such a feeling today…. I am working on a module for one of huge web portals (not to mention which one). Part of that module is only accessible to users with administration permissions - as typical as it can be.

A Hint for Entity Framework Multi Join Performance Problem

How I have started my adventure with Entity framework Some of you may refer to one of my previous entries, when I was discussing tool I would use for my new web project. Look for (2. Database and ORM). I made a “brave” decision to choose Entity framework as my Object Relational Mapping tool. Well, I must say, i slightly regret this. To be honest, I would consider choosing other tools - or at least wait a little until more mature version of EF arrive (looking forward to play with it in .

Something Is Just Wrong With This Captcha

Everyone knows what CAPTCHA is. This few weird letters/word that you write down to prove that you are a human. There are ton’s of them all around. Here and there. Often people (or developers) overuse them on web sites, which can be really annoying. I was trying to register on one of the web sites today. After filling 16 (literally: sixteen) required fields on some really strange wizard I finally come up to form submission.

Short History of Facebook

f You haven’t seen or did not follow how world most popular social network changed over lat couple of years just take a break and spend next 4 minutes watching movie below. And wow, just look at those numbers! RESPECT to Mark Zuckerberg! After that I feel like an ant in today’s world. I also recommend visiting web site: CheckFacebook. Where you can get some up to date stats about popularity and growth of Facebook user’s all over the world.

VS2010 Beta 2 is out! For MS employees :/

I have just read that It looks like Microsoft employees are already playing with beta 2 of Visual Studio 2010. Nice, very nice. We want it too! Especially that it sucks to use beta 1 on old machine! And because You promised to fix some performance issues in next beta I desperately need that. Like now! Read here blog entry from Misfit Geek. Hope to download this version soon…

Making internet start-up… Advices from Kevin Rose... and me

Have You ever heard about Kevin Rose? No? He is known for his internet start-ups, like: Revision3 - internet television network, micro-blogging platform Pownce, and probably most known - social bookmarking Digg. Some of you might recognize project, especially If You are heavy twitter users. I have just watched his excellent presentation at FOWA (The Future of Web Apps London) - found on the Carsonified’s Blog. He shares some ideas how to “take your site from one to one million users”.

Making internet start-up… Part 2: Choosing tools

It has been a while since my last entry in this series. In previous one i made decision: what i would like to make and why. To sum up, I want to make something simple, something about travelling, for travellers, something that may follow idea of websites like: Yahoo Answers or StackOverflow. The next step is to choose appropriate tools, that will help me to build start-up. 1. Choosing technology Choosing the right technology for web development is crucial.

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