ASP.NET MVC 1.0 issue within HtmlHelper.GetModelStateValue method

It all started innocently… :) I had the simplest form ever. Just a few text inputs, and one checkbox. State of one of the text inputs was determined by status of one the checkbox. If checkbox was not checked (or “on”) input was set to be disabled. As simple as that. The problem arrived when someone was trying to view web site with javascript turned off. Because input was set disabled at initial stage there was no way to enable it - no matter if checkbox was checked or not.

Joining "IE 6 no more" campaign

It is not the first campaign when someone is trying to kick out IE6 from our life. I guess it all started with some Scandinavian portals encouraging bloggers to put “IE6 warning” on their web sites. I was rather sceptical about whole idea. Especially at the very beginning. Most of IE6 users are either forced to use “mature” solutions (i am talking about large corporations) or does not understand meaning of words like standards or security (so called “mature” users).

Tips for jQuery validation plugin

Because I currently work with a couple of projects where I extensively use jQuery framework, together with it’s plugins I decided to write a post in which I can gather all of my ideas, tips that i have arrived during my work with this library. I am a kind of guy that has a huge mess not only on his computer’s desktop but even within project files. It happens that when I arrive a problem, and I am sure I have figured it out in some other project but it usually takes me ages to dig through all of them to find even simplest solution.

Firefox 3.0: 411 Length required with JQuery

I am currently working on a small project for my own. My favourite (and the only one tester) was complaining on some of “ajax” features. Tests were done with use of Firefox 3.0 - I was developing on Firefox 3.5 and had absolutely no problems with those problematic features. Anyway I decided to check this out an downloaded 3.0 version ( most recent is 3.0.11). You can have multiple instances of Firefox on Your machine - just make sure You install them in separate directories.

$.postJSON - how to avoid JSON attack

I’ve recently read great article by Phil Haack, JSON Hijacking. It points to some JSON vulnerabilities, basically: how sensitive data can be captured by bad people during “GET JSON” request. During my web development I always start with adding some javascript helper methods. One of them, based on jQuery, is making HTTP POST instead of GET. This should be sufficient to avoid majority of JSON attacks. So instead of $.getJSON( … ), use:

Making internet start-up... Part 1: What to make?

Recently I have more free time so I decided that It is a good time to start small internet start-up. Why small? First of all It is just me that is going to work on it. For now :) Until it will get super successful… Secondly I really like simple and small solutions. I tried to make something advanced, not trivial few times during recent years always ending up somewhere at the begging, giving up, realizing that project I was working on is not for single person, and I do not want to spend next few years working on sth that may never success.

Abandon ASP.NET WebForms!

Just abandon ASP.NET WebForms - the sooner You realize that - the better for You. At the begging I would like to say that I used to be a BIG fan of ASP.NET. Before my experience with Microsoft technology started I had some really bad time with php and mysql. But that was some long time ago - in the begging of this century. Then I started playing with ASP.NET - and I really dig into it.

My First Words

Well, everyone has to start someday. So Dear Reader, this is my first post. Slightly more about me You will find on about-me page. I will just copy-paste part: This blog is called ITmeze. This name is somehow meaningful. Although I am a Polish citizen, I currently live on small island called Cyprus - placed on Mediterranean Sea - somewhere between Greece, Israel, Turkey and Egypt. And You now what is the best about Cyprus?

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